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I love tiles! 

Funky Dreams Art Studio began in 2004 as a way for me to sell my mosaic art.  As time went on, I realized that I had a slight hoarding problem with my supplies (what good crafter doesn't?) and decided to sell a few of my excess items.  From there, a mosaic supplies business grew!  As much as I love making mosaics, I really love finding new and unique tiles to use in mosaics and sharing them with you.

The tiles on this site are intended for indoor mosaic artwork, not for tiling walls or floors or outdoor projects. If they can withstand force or adverse weather conditions, it will be noted in the description.  They also should not be used with food products.  While I do my best to present the color accurately, colors can be shown differently on different computer screens.  Tiles of all kinds can have imperfections, some good, some not so good, and I will usually throw in a few extra tiles with each order to balance this out.

As with most artists, mosaics aren't my only medium, so I also sell other supplies, including ball chains (which can be used for jewelry and also in mosaics), mini clothespins, tin boxes, and a large selection of washi tape.  

Many of the items for sale here are small and should be considered choking hazards.  Some items also have very sharp edges.  In all cases, these items should not be used around children under the age of 13.

Wondering about the kind of service you can expect?  Check out my 5 star rating in my Etsy shop:
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I do not currently have a retail location.  


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