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"Welcome Fall" Stepping Stone                       Welcome Fall Stepping Stone

Here are a few more stepping stones I've made.  I made all of these a year ago, and they are holding up quite well.  Remember that you don't necessarily need to make stones you can actually step on.  These work great as decorations in the garden.  Let your imagination run free!


This is my house number.  This stone looks great right in the front of my garden and coordinates with my blue house.  I printed the "21" out from my computer.  (I used a VERY large font.)  I then used that as a pattern.


This pot of geraniums stepping stone was inspired by the book Easy Mosaics for Home and Garden by Sarah Donnelly.  It's a wonderful book full of instructions, tips, and marvelous patterns and ideas, like this one.


This is a very simple stepping stone.  I had just bought the jelly bean stones and couldn't wait to use them, so I quickly created this stone.  Very simple, yet very cute.  




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