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* Gallery *

This gallery includes my previous work.  To see items currently for sale, please visit Purchasing.

* Papier Mache *


Here are some photos of my handmade papier mache bowls:

Created with paper pulp, plaster, and glue, the papier mache is formed into the shape of a bowl and dried thoroughly.  Then the beauty is brought out through the painting.  It is then sealed with several coats of sealer.  

While not for use with food, it is sturdy enough to place decorative objects in.  I put fire starters in one of my papier-mache bowls and pine cones in another.  But you could also use it to hold anything from decorative balls to your mail.  I've also used these in the bathroom to hold soaps, salts, and hand towels.  A silk flower arrangement could also be placed in it.  Use this paper mache bowl the same way that you would use a basket.






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